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2007 április 13 photos from our city  
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Settlement presentation 
Fehérgyarmat, the centre of the area called Erőhát(Back of Forest), is a small town with 9 thousand inhabitants in the north-east corner of the country. The second part of its name refers to the historical fact that the conquering Gyarmat tribe partly settled down here in the triangle taken by rivers Tisza, Szamos and Túr in the tenth century. The Garmath placename can be read in a document from the fifteenth century, which means that our ancestors considered this area  long-standing quarters. It shows the rank of the settlement that it is mentioned in another document from 1387. This time it is called Germad, while a document from 1403 mentions as Jarmath.
Fehérgyarmat webcam 
Fehérgyarmati webkamera

translated it: Tóth Béláné